RTÉ pushes abortion where babies have terminal illness

RTÉ has been consistently pushing the case for abortion in situations where unborn babies have a terminal illness. In recent years, Prime Time held six completely biased studio discussions on the issue. On these and other RTÉ programmes the debate is almost entirely focussed on abortion with little or no space given to discussing perinatal hospice care or to the stories of parents who decided not to abort their babies in similar situations.

Here’s a list of some recent RTÉ programmes that pushed the case for abortion where babies have a terminal illness:

Late Late Show, 8th January 2016

Claire Byrne Live, 9th February 2015

Prime Time, 10th February 2015

Saturday Night Show, 4th October 2014

Prime Time, 27th May 2013

Prime Time, 2nd May 2013

Prime Time, 2nd October 2012

Late Late Show, 21st April 2012

Prime Time, 16th December 2010

Prime Time, 10th December 2009

*After five programmes pushing abortion in the case of fatal foetal abnormality, Prime Time, for the first time ever, presented a balanced discussion on the issue on 12th November 2013. It in no way compensates for all the biased programmes on the issue before or since but it is only fair to acknowledge that this impartial programme took place.