Late Late Show End of Year Review – 4-0 against pro-life position

The Late Late Show held an End of Year Review discussion with four specially invited panellists. The researchers for the programme clearly decided well in advance that abortion would be one of the topics discussed. However they made no effort to ensure balance and ended up with a panel that was 4-0 against the pro-life side.

Instead of providing viewers with a rounded take on the issue, the panel comments ranged from strident pro-abortion advocacy to grossly ill-informed comments about Ireland’s abortion law at the time. It was nothing more than blatant propaganda for the pro-abortion side and was the second time in the space of a few months that the Late Late Show featured an entirely one-sided panel openly advocating abortion in Ireland.

Completely one-sided panels like this on RTÉ radio and TV are no longer an exception but have become the norm. In some cases there isn’t even the pretence of balance anymore. Thankfully at last some members of the public are starting to take a stand against this relentless bias.

If you are also concerned about the unfairness of the present debate don’t sit back and do nothing. Get involved with Hear Both Sides today. We’d love to hear from you!

*The specific programme referred to above aired on 21st December 2012.