Evidence of RTÉ Bias - Hear Both Sides

Evidence of RTÉ Bias


RTÉ Radio 1 – 81 mins given to pro-abortion side and a pathetic 4 mins to pro-life side

From June – July 2016, RTÉ Radio 1 gave 81 minutes airtime to those pushing for repeal of the 8th Amendment and a ridiculous 4 minutes to the pro-life side. There was nothing unusual about this one month period. It’s the same every month on RTÉ. And still RTÉ claim they are equally fair to both sides!

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RTÉ’s Ray D’Arcy Show entirely one-sided on abortion

In December 2016, for the third time in a year, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upheld a complaint of media bias in favour of abortion against the Ray D’Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1.

Biased interviews like these are par for the course on RTÉ with presenters faithfully parroting the speaking notes of the abortion lobby while totally blanking all pro-life perspectives.

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Late Late Show discussion on aborting babies with a terminal illness – 3-0 against the pro-life position

The Late Late Show featured the stories of three women who opted for abortion in situations where their babies were diagnosed with potentially life-limiting conditions.* The stories of parents who chose to keep their babies in similar situations (or parents who felt pressured to abort their child but didn’t) never featured in the programme at all.

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RTÉ2 Facebook Election Special – no excusing scale of the bias

On 21st February 2016, days before the General Election, RTÉ2’s ‘Facebook Election Special’ featured the abortion issue and the campaign to dismantle the 8th Amendment.

No attempt was made to ensure a balanced debate. Scandalously, the abortion lobby was given 15 minutes and 3 seconds to push for abortion and repeal of the 8th Amendment. The pro-life side on the other hand was afforded a pitiful 2 minutes and 30 seconds to make its case.

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RTÉ’s shameful coverage of Savita’s story

The reports from the Coroner’s Inquest, the HSE and HIQA all established that the actual cause of Savita Halappanavar’s death was infection with a virulent anti-biotic resistant strain of E Coli compounded by a series of systems failures that delayed the realisation by the medical team of the gravity of the risk to her life, and the timely implementation of the appropriate responses to it.

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RTÉ pushes abortion where babies have terminal illness

RTÉ has been consistently pushing the case for abortion in situations where unborn babies have a terminal illness. In recent years, Prime Time held six completely biased studio discussions on the issue. On these and other RTÉ programmes the debate is almost entirely focussed on abortion with little or no space given to discussing perinatal hospice care or to the stories of parents who decided not to abort their babies in similar situations.

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RTÉ ignores Marie Stopes scandal

In July 2013, the Irish Times broke a story about the death of a woman from Ireland shortly after undergoing an abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic in London. RTÉ covered the story on a few news bulletins before dropping it. How come RTÉ dropped the story so quickly? Why the colossal double standards in the way this story was treated compared to the Savita case?

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Prime Time never held a single debate scrutinising contents of abortion Bill

In the 10 weeks from the publication of the Government’s abortion bill in 2013 until its passage in the Dáil, there was not a single debate on RTÉ’s Prime Time scrutinising the contents of the proposed legislation. Given that the legislation was arguably the most controversial social legislation in the history of the State, it is a stunning fact. How can RTÉ credibly claim to be a fair and impartial broadcaster and behave like this?

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RTÉ ignores IFPA scandal

RTÉ has never challenged the pro-choice Irish Family Planning Association about the advice its counsellors gave to women to lie to their GPs if they found they were suffering medical complications following an abortion, advice which was recorded and published in the Irish Independent on 27th October 2012. How can RTÉ blank a story this big and expect the trust of the Irish people?

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RTÉ downplayed Psychiatrists statement on abortion

When 113 psychiatrists signed a statement saying that the Government’s proposed legislation on abortion in 2013 was flawed and that abortion is never a treatment for suicidal feelings, it received almost no coverage on RTÉ News. Contrast this with the repeated headline coverage on the news afforded to a handful of psychiatrists who supported the abortion legislation. Why the incredible double standards?

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The examples of bias presented here are just a small random sample of RTÉ’s bias on life issues.